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Some people choose divorce. Others may have the choice made for them. Either way, most couples can choose how they will divorce. It is important to understand the options with the help of a Fremont divorce lawyer before proceeding. These are: The Kitchen Table Alternative, Mediation, Collaborative Practice, and the Litigation Model.

Because divorce is a problem to be solved, not a battle to be won, I focus on alternatives to the court system, through Collaborative Law and Mediation. I believe that most families and children are best served by being supported to work together in resolving their family matters. The fundamental goal in both Collaborative Divorce and Mediation is client empowerment.

With either mediation or the Collaborative process you will have control of the decisions that are made and will be firmly supported, legally and emotionally, in achieving a successful dissolution of your relationship. This not only allows but also encourages you and your partner to create, or leave open, lines of communication that are of enormous benefit to the whole family.

Working as a team, we can achieve a successful resolution of the issues in dispute without the bitterness and acrimony engendered by the adversarial process. We are based in the Alameda County town of Newark, an enclave of Fremont, and serve many localities in Northern California such Santa Clara County and San Mateo County. Please contact us today to discuss your situation with a Fremont divorce attorney and feel free to view the additional information on collaborative processes and mediation addressed in further detail throughout this website.

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"Thank you for your guidance through this process. I really appreciated your mediation and would recommend you highly. It's a difficult process and you made it as painless as possible. Thanks again and best wishes."


"Thank you for your support through this long year. I really appreciate how kind and considerate you were through the whole legal process."


"I still believe that generosity is its own reward, that kindness will prevail. That might does not make right, that a soft answer turns away wrath. I still believe that there is power in gentleness, that there is more to us than flesh and bone. That life will bring more happiness if lived for peace...


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