Divorce Options

The Kitchen Table

Some couples are able to sit down "at the kitchen table" to sort through their issues and reach agreements. This process tends to work well in uncomplicated cases where there is minimal conflict. Where couples are dividing up pension plans or there are complex legal issues, there may be problems with this approach. Also, this type of negotiation can be problematic where one spouse feels less powerful than the other and may feel coerced into an agreement.

Once an agreement is reached, it is a good idea to take the contents of the agreement for legal advice, to make sure that all of the outstanding issues have been resolved.


Collaborative Divorce

Litigation Model

What Process is Right for Me?

In determining the best for you, you want need to consider:

  • What do you want for your children through the divorce process?
  • Is it important for you and your spouse to have a peaceful relationship in the future?
  • Is it important that you and your spouse model respectful behavior and positive dispute resolution for your children?
  • Is it for you to participate and have input in the decision making process and in the outcome?

See Children & Divorce

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Is Mediation or Collaborative Divorce the RIGHT CHOICE for you?
  • If you are committed to open, honest, and respectful comunication..
  • If you are committed to resolving problems rather than focusing on blame and revenge..
  • If you want to be in control of your destiny rather than relying on a court's decision..
  • If you are committed to the best outcome for your children..

then you are an excellent candidate for Mediation or Collaborative Divorce.

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