MediationMediation is an alternative to litigating in court through attorneys. In a mediated case, the husband and wife meet with a mediator whose role as a third-party neutral is confidential and unbiased. A mediator can give general legal information but not legal advice to either party. The mediator uses a structured problem solving process to assist the couple in reaching a resolution that is acceptable to all. The mediator facilitates communication and assists them in gathering the relevant information. The mediator does not give legal advice nor does he or she serve as a decision-maker for the couple. In some cases, the Husband and Wife will each have attorneys for consultation and reviewing agreements.

Mediation facilitates a better relationship with your spouse, and spouses who mediate the issues in their divorce are typically better able to foster a more harmonious post-divorce relationship for the benefit of the children.

Generally, mediation is less expensive than a litigated divorce, and is also less time consuming.

Mediation only works if both spouses are honest and fully disclose all the relevant information and documents required to ensure a fair and informed agreement.

It is important for both parties to feel that mediation process is fair and unbiased.

For more information see Mediation FAQ’s.

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